Welcome to Jay’s Jay’s Pool School. Here you will find possible answers to commonly asked questions we’ve had from our customers. If you have any suggestions, or would like to submit a helpful hint to add to the school, please email us at jayjays@comcast.net.

There's no pressure

  • Check baskets at pool and pump
  • Check water level

There is no vacuum suction

  • Check the vacuum hose for holes
  • Check to make sure swivel and end of hose is on the vacuum head
  • Check pressure in tank; if high, backwash.

The pressure on the filter is too high

Earth is going into pool from filter

There is no circulation

Filter motor hums or won't run

Filter motor trips breaker

Can't backwash

Can't get water clear

  • Try backwashing filter
  • Make certain your water is properly tested and within acceptible ranges
  • If problem persists, take a sample of the water to your local pool supply store for further analysis